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Translate “русский”

Hi brave translator. You're about to translate Plurk to “Russian” aka “русский”. You can get started quickly by clicking the big translate button at the bottom. Please make sure that you have read the help before you start.

  • Most Active Translators
  • oisee, with 464 contributions
  • trisch, with 372 contributions
  • jscar, with 270 contributions
  • pctp, with 210 contributions
  • genjiko, with 188 contributions
  • shael, with 165 contributions
  • cerber, with 147 contributions
  • al_dexter, with 136 contributions
  • whitesparrows, with 111 contributions
  • deniz, with 105 contributions

Translation Status

The translation of Russian is nearly completely translated. Of 1721 messages, 1531 are already translated. That is 88.96% of all messages. For all these messages together, 2537 translations exist. 0 of those are fuzzy.